Join thousands of lawyers fighting for progress.

Through We The Action, lawyers volunteer with leading nonprofits to use their time and talent for good, one project at a time.

Making a broad contribution.

How We The Action works.

Lawyers who want to do good.

Lawyers with varying experience and availability who want to help causes they care about.

Nonprofits that need legal assistance.

Nonprofits looking for lawyers to help navigate legal challenges, from research to contract review to urgent response.

  • All Voting is Local
  • Access Democracy
  • Election Protection
  • Rock the Vote
  • Times Up
  • When We All Vote
  • Swing Left
  • One Million of Us
  • AILA
  • She Should Run

Why volunteer?

Lawyers have a unique ability to make an impact in the community. Here are some reasons lawyers have joined We the Action.

  • Fight for causes you believe in
  • Stand up during a critical moment
  • Making a difference is quick and easy
  • Turn your anger into action
  • Develop valuable new skills

“In the week after the Parkland school shooting, I was desperately searching for ways to help turn sorrow and outrage into action. I saw a request from the American Constitution Society. They needed lawyers, and I needed a cause. Within a few hours, I was part of a pro-bono team of researchers sifting through state laws to find ways to get high school students around the country registered to vote.”

Jerald Lentini Volunteered with American Constitution Society

“We are living through an historic moment where our civil liberties and the very fabric of who we are as a nation are at risk. And someday my kids are going to ask if their mom stepped up and helped. I want to tell them that I got involved—that I decided to take action.”

Lindsay Lawrence Videnieks Volunteered with Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

“We The Action makes it so easy for a full-time professional to participate. I wasn’t sure if I should keep my bar membership on active status this year—but I’m so glad I did. I was able to find a project that I could fit into my schedule, and am excited to jump onto the next project! It’s truly inspiring to see that so much more work is possible when you have the right avenues and infrastructure set up!”

Sumayyah Waheed Volunteered with The Purple Campaign

“When the news of the day is equal parts enraging and frustrating, I prefer to channel those feelings into helping We The Action’s partner organizations work towards justice and a fairer society.”

Pat Moore Volunteered with Access Democracy

“I came across We The Action during a transitional period in my legal career. I had just left a large law firm and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. We The Action allowed me to develop skills in different areas of law. It is a great organization that allows attorneys to give back to various causes while exploring different areas of law they are interested in.”

Emily Mikes Volunteered with Rock the Vote

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