Voting Rights and Fair Elections

Securing our elections and advancing the right to vote.


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Elections should be free, fair, and safe.

Our democracy is under assault, so the fight for fair elections and the right to vote is more urgent than ever. Through We The Action, thousands of volunteer lawyers will be defending our democracy in 2024: identifying and rooting out election administration problems, combating voter purges, educating voters about their rights, and protecting the vote at polling places and call centers across the country. With more than 150 million voters expected to cast ballots in 2024, volunteer lawyers are critical to resolving the potential volume of voter issues.

Our Partners

We The Action partners with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to anchor the nation's preeminent nonpartisan election protection platform, supporting thousands of lawyers who volunteer to protect the vote on and leading up to Election Day. Additionally, WTA partners with dozens of nonprofits fighting on the front lines to protect the vote, including:


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