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Elections should be free, fair, and safe.

Our democracy is under attack, and potential challenges have only increased with COVID-19, which means the fight for fair elections and the right to vote is more urgent than ever. Through We The Action, volunteer lawyers are safeguarding our democracy throughout 2020, from identifying critical election administration problems in key states, to helping our partners register voters and recruit poll workers, to powering large-scale voter protection efforts at polling places and call centers nationwide, and more, so that the voice of every eligible voter is heard. Thousands of We The Action lawyers are helping our partners to protect our elections and defend and advance the right to vote--work that becomes all the more fraught and critical in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawyers are a key resource in this fight.

Every citizen has an equal right to participate in our democracy. Yet, barriers to the ballot box persist, particularly for those who were historically disenfranchised. And new threats to democratic participation are emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic. We The Action partners with dozens of nonprofit organizations on the front lines of the fight to end voter suppression of all forms. Our lawyers volunteer with our partners to root out systemic election administration problems, combat voter purges, educate voters about their rights, improve poll worker programs, expand voter registration, and protect elections at polling places and call centers across the country.

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