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Criminal Justice

29 Active Projects

Alliance for Safe Traffic Stops

VA Prison Society

Create legislation that allows official prison visitors the right to visit...

Vera Institute of Justice

Help Social Justice Organization Reduce Incarceration in Arkansas

We want to learn why small cities and towns now have the highest...

Virginia Beach Justice Initiative

Trademark review for new name of existing nonprofit

Our new name is part of an overall rebranding project that will better...

ACLU of South Carolina

Law Enforcement Certification and Decertification Processes

This memo will help inform our overall strategy to reduce the size, scope,...


Conduct State-Level Policy Research on Non-carceral Response to Domestic Violence

With the help of your research we will be able to create a first of it's kind...

Rise Up, Inc

State Legislation Research

Ensuring that our 2021 Sexual Survivors' Bills of Rights are accurate and...

The Gathering for Justice

Update nonprofit registration information and state registrations

Support organization movement to end child incarceration

Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

Represent vulnerable migrants in El Paso, TX and Jaurez, MX.

Our organization will protect migrants seeking asylum, feeling violence, and...


Connecting people abused by police with volunteer lawyers

Expand our support services to include connecting people abused by police...

University of Virginia School of Law--Pro Bono Program

Sponsor/Supervise University of Virginia Law Student Pro Bono Projects

Help UVA Law Students Contribute to the COVID-19 Response and Ripple Effects

Texas Observer

Help Texas Observer Apply for Federal Relief Loans

Allow TxO to continue producing its investigative journalism.

The Rhizome Center for Migrants

Help The Rhizome Center for Migrants Apply for Federal Relief Loans

Allow The Rhizome Center for Migrants to continue to support the deported...

Planting Justice

CARES Payroll Protection Program help

Helping Planting Justice meet emergent critical needs, while helping staff...

UnCommon Law

CARES Act Support

Keep us afloat and our staff supported


Help PLUS1 apply for the Paycheck Protection Program

This will allow PLUS1 to stay open and continue to unlock an average of 2.5M...

The Center for Policing Equity

COVID-19: Help The Center for Policing Equity Apply for Federal Relief Loans

Allow CPE to continue providing equitable justice to police departments and...

Rise Up, Inc

Legislative Session Research

This research will help to inform steps Rise will take to mitigate the...

Casa de Paz

Consent/release form for guests' stories and photos

Raise awareness of the cruel and dehumanizing treatment immigrants in...

Year Up, Inc.

Fair Chance Hiring -- Criminal History Expungement

Help us close the Opportunity Divide and empower justice-involved young...

Ohio Fair Courts Alliance

Ohio Fair Courts Speakers Bureau

Spark more awareness of the importance of judicial elections and inspire...


Review & draft legal technology platform policies and disclaimers

myPadilla connects criminal defense lawyers with immigration lawyers to...

The Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights

Help Civil Rights Organization Research Trump Judicial Nominees

President Trump and his Senate allies are packing the federal bench with...

Alliance for Justice

Research records of Trump's judicial nominees

President Trump is nominating federal judges at a breakneck speed, many with...

Public Rights Project

Help Progressive Prosecutors Fight for Environmental Justice

We are at a pivotal moment in the conversation about criminal justice reform...

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Help civil rights coalition analyze SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh 4hrs

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, on behalf of the...

Alliance for Justice

Supreme Court Nomination: RESEARCH

Alliance for Justice is looking for attorneys to assist in carefully...

Demand Justice

Supreme Court Nomination: Letters to the Editor

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will have tremendous consequences for...