Currently not accepting new volunteers.

Assist voters with documents to get voter ID!

Enable voters to get ID to cast a ballot that counts.

Posted March 28, 2023

Background & Context

More states are passing stricter voter ID laws everyday disenfranchising voters and creating confusion. Getting ID to vote is complicated and obtaining a birth certificate is often difficult without ID and that's where you come in...

Immediate Problem

Not only do we help get people the ID and underlying documents they need to vote but also to get housing, healthcare, a job, etc.

Work & Deliverables

We are looking for attorneys with active bar admission in our focus states (AZ, FL, GA, MI, NC, OH, PA, TX, VA, WI, as well as IL, NY, NJ, SC and Puerto Rico) to assist clients who need to obtain their birth certificate but lack the requisite ID to complete the order. Counsel is needed to represent the client for the limited purpose of obtaining the birth certificate. We will pay the costs for the birth certificate.

Project Plan

Preparation Phase

  • Intro call with VoteRiders National Voter ID Assistance Director

Collaboration Phase

Details to be provided at a later date

Wrap Up

Details to be provided at a later date
Currently not accepting new volunteers.

Additional Information

  • Time Commitment: 1-5 hours
  • Training Provided: Yes
  • Additional Training Details: We can provide information about what a voter needs and their specific case in addition to reimbursement of costs incurred.
  • Site-Preference: Remote
  • Open to Law Students: No
  • Bar License(s) required: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin
  • Required Languages: None
  • Required Legal Expertise: None
  • Mentoring Provided: No
  • Supervision Provided: Yes

VoteRiders is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 2012 with a mission to ensure that all citizens are able to exercise their right to vote. VoteRiders informs and helps citizens to secure their voter ID as well as inspires and supports organizations, local volunteers, and communities to sustain voter ID education and assistance efforts.

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