Currently not accepting new volunteers.
Center for Reproductive Rights

Partner as Local Counsel in Reproductive Rights Cases

Lawyers who work on these cases will work on premier litigation in state and federal courts with the Center for Reproductive Rights and our litigating partners.

Posted November 4, 2019

The Center for Reproductive Rights litigates reproductive rights cases throughout the United States. The geographic breadth of the Center’s work requires us to associate with local counsel in nearly each state in which we litigate. We are looking for individuals interested in partnering with the Center as local counsel.

Currently not accepting new volunteers.

Additional Information

  • Time Commitment: 21+ hours
  • Training Provided: No
  • Site-Preference: Remote
  • Open to Law Students: No
  • Additional Location Details: Local counsel can work from their offices or remotely, so long as they can conference via video or telephone.
  • Bar License(s) required: Louisiana
  • Required Languages: None
  • Mentoring Provided: Yes
  • Supervision Provided: Yes
Center for Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world. We envision a world where every person participates with dignity as an equal member of society, regardless of gender. Where every woman is free to decide whether or when to have children and whether to get married; where access to quality reproductive health care is guaranteed; and where every woman can make these decisions free from coercion or discrimination. Since 1992, our attorneys have boldly used legal and human rights tools to create this world. We are the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to reproductive rights, with expertise in both U.S. constitutional and international human rights law. Our groundbreaking cases before national courts, United Nations committees, and regional human rights bodies have expanded access to reproductive healthcare, including birth control, safe abortion, prenatal and obstetric care, and unbiased information. We influence the law outside the courtroom as well, documenting abuses, working with policymakers to promote progressive measures, and fostering legal scholarship and teaching on reproductive health and human rights. We are legal innovators seeking to fundamentally transform the landscape of reproductive health and rights worldwide, and have already strengthened laws and policies in more than 50 countries. Help us realize every woman's right to reproductive health and autonomy.

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