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Welcoming Afghan evacuees by offering legal support

Join the hundreds of lawyers giving Afghan evacuees critical pro bono legal services

Nearly 80,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Afghanistan and have sought refuge in the United States. Now, many Afghan families and individuals are facing asylum deadlines critical to building a secure future here. The Welcome Legal Alliance channels the passion and skill of the nation’s lawyers to help Afghan evacuees access critical pro bono legal services.

Lawyers are a key resource in this fight.

Lawyers across the country are rising to the occasion to help meet the urgent legal needs of our Afghan allies. Whatever experience level, area of expertise, or availability, lawyers who volunteer with the Welcome Legal Alliance will be connected with opportunities to help provide the frontline legal services our Afghan allies need. There remains an immense and urgent need for pro bono legal services to help navigate our immigration system. It is impossible to overstate the impact you can make — both for the outcome of the case and for the safety of people seeking a new beginning in the United States.

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