This project is complete!

This project has been completed thanks to the efforts of our volunteers.

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Advise Nonprofit on Operations in Mexico

Provide kids with the experience and skills to grow and prepare organic food.

Posted September 24, 2021

Background & Context

In the village we are living and serving (Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico) almost half of the population is in poverty, and about half is suffering from social deficiencies of some sort. The obesity problem in Mexico is also rampant ( 35% of children from 5-11 are obese).

We were offered a piece of land in the middle of a community agriculture project to establish a school. The programs run at the school will provide children with the tools and experience of growing food organically and preparing it in a healthy manner that will help the future generations break these patterns.

Our nonprofit will be overseeing and administering the project, as well as offering scholarships to children in poverty.

This is a project that has great potential to have ripple effects throughout the indigenous communities in Mexico, and we need to make sure we set everything up correctly from the beginning.

Immediate Problem

We are entering an agreement with Parcela (the business that offered us the land rent and utility free). We wrote a memorandum with them, though we feel it would be important to have a legal agreement as we are going to be building a school on the property.

We are currently in our capital raise to build the school. There is about to be a bit of money that is received and needs to be used. We want to make sure we are doing everything within the legal parameters of a 501(c)3 so we can open the school by January 2022.

Work & Deliverables

Helping us to draft a legal lease agreement with the business Parcela.

Help protecting our school and assets once we begin to build.

Guidance on a 501(c)3 running a program and using money in Mexico.

Project Plan

Preparation Phase

  • Schedule a background call to speak about project

Collaboration Phase

  • Provide feedback on processes and procedure working in foreign country
  • Help draft necessary agreements (i.e. with a contractor or volunteer of foreign country)
  • Explore any necessary protections our nonprofit should take when building this project
  • help draft real estate agreement

Wrap Up

  • Deliver drafts and explain further options to us

This project is complete!

This project has been completed thanks to the efforts of our volunteers.

Visit the Project Directory to check out other projects that still need your help!

Additional Information

  • Time Commitment: 6-10 hours
  • Training Provided: Yes
  • Additional Training Details: We are happy to provide any sort of material or background information to paint a clear picture of our project, vision, and mission.
  • Site-Preference: Remote
  • Open to Law Students: No
  • Bar License(s) required: Any Bar License
  • Required Languages: None
  • Required Legal Expertise: Education Law, Labor and Employment Law, Other, Real Estate
  • Mentoring Provided: No
  • Supervision Provided: Yes
Spread the Love

Our mission is to uplift individuals and communities by sharing healthy food and 'grow your own food' education. We are working with communities to build agriculture education programs that empower individuals to grow their own gardens, which includes composting, germination of seeds, preparation of soil, care for the plants and harvesting. We create opportunities for individuals to learn about preparing and preserving healthy, nutritious food that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Spread the Love also identifies individuals who need support to eat their next meal and we feed these individuals wholesome meals. We believe a few healthy meals can change a person’s life and help them get on track to living a healthy, sustainable life.

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