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Our Story

We The Action launched in July 2017 at a challenging time in our nation’s history. People throughout the country (including many lawyers) were searching for ways to help – emailing friends, joining groups on Facebook, fuming on Twitter, and asking, "What can I do?"

Lawyers have a unique ability to help people who are facing some of their darkest moments, to uphold the principles in our Constitution, and to truly change the world for the better. But it can be a challenge to figure out how to volunteer, where to go, and how best to help. We The Action aims to help make it easy for lawyers to put their skills and experience to their best, highest use.

The idea is simple. We The Action’s nonprofit partners post their legal needs to our platform, and lawyers browse those needs and choose whatever project makes the most sense for them, whether it is the crisis of the day or something entirely different.

Our platform was designed with lawyers in mind. Most of us here on staff at We The Action are lawyers. We know how busy lawyers are, we know the value of a six-minute increment, and we know how difficult it can be to find time. That’s why many of our projects can be done in a matter of hours from home, from work, or even from a coffee shop.

We also know that lawyers have a vast range of experience they can bring to bear on the problems facing our country. Perhaps you cannot represent a family at the border, but you can review a lease for a women’s health clinic or research voting rights cases. And so projects on our platform range in focus and area of expertise.

None of us can change the world alone. But if each of us takes an hour here or an hour there, we can do some pretty extraordinary things together.

We The Action was founded with the fundamental premise that lawyers have the power to do good. Lawyers sometimes get a bad rap, but the legal profession, at its core, is built around serving something greater than ourselves—meaning clients, yes, but also the values embedded in our laws.

Time and again, from the founding of our country to now, it is lawyers who are on the front lines defending those values, protecting our institutions, and fighting for our communities. That tradition continues today. Each day we are inspired by lawyers in our We The Action community who scroll through our website, click volunteer, and choose to make a difference. We hope you join us.

Our Mission

We believe that every person in this country has the right to reach their full potential. By connecting talented lawyers with critical causes, We The Action seeks to establish a platform where volunteer lawyers can protect and defend nonprofit organizations who need it.

Meet Our Team

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