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Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI, or Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración)

Help a Mother See Her Children After Five Years Apart

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  • Training Provided: No
  • Training Required: No
  • Volunteer Needed On-site: Yes

Our organization is assisting a mother who has not seen her children in five years. She had shared custody of them in North Carolina, but she was deported to Mexico and the custody order only allows her children to visit her in the United States. The children are currently living with their abusive father's partner, who does not have any legal custody over them. Their father was deported 1.5 years ago, and the children are still in North Carolina and do not have contact with their mother. The mother needs help to modify the custody order so she can see her children after many years apart and so they can be cared for by someone who has legal custody.

Jurisdiction: North Carolina

Practice Area: Family Law

Project Locations: Clement, NC

Project Task: Representation

Volunteer Lawyers Needed: 1

Ongoing Need: Yes

Required Languages (Other than English): Spanish

Team of Lawyers: Yes

CLE Training Credit Provided: No

Mentoring or Supervision Offered: No

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