Currently not accepting new volunteers.
TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund

Help Fight Workplace Sexual Harassment

Help survivors of workplace sexual harassment understand their legal options.

Posted November 13, 2019

No one should have to choose between sexual harassment and a paycheck. But it’s the reality still facing far too many. Help us change that.

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund is looking for attorneys across the country to join our Legal Network for Gender Equity and expand the support we can provide to survivors of workplace sexual harassment.

What we do:

1. Connect workers with attorneys: The Fund connects people who have experienced sexual harassment at work or in their careers with attorneys in the Network. Attorneys who sign up to be part of the Network agree to do a free initial consultation with them to walk them through what options, legal or otherwise, they might have. In that initial consultation, the attorney reviews the facts and counsels the client on possible paths forward.

2. Fund cases: If an attorney decides to work with a client, they can apply for funding from us to bring a workplace sexual harassment case.

3. Fund media assistance: We also fund media assistance for select cases.

4. Provide training: Through webinars, we provide training on hot button legal issues in workplace discrimination and working with trauma survivors.

At the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, we are committed to changing the current culture of workplace sexual harassment by helping low-wage workers access the legal system and hold their harassers accountable. We hope you will join us as we build a movement and fight for the safety, dignity, and respect of all people in the workplace.

Currently not accepting new volunteers.

Additional Information

  • Time Commitment: 1-5 hours
  • Training Provided: Yes
  • Additional Training Details: We provide webinars on trauma-informed legal advocacy and other legal issues.
  • Site-Preference: Remote
  • Open to Law Students: No
  • Bar License(s) required: Any Bar License
  • Required Languages: None
  • Mentoring Provided: No
  • Supervision Provided: Yes
TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund formed to address the gaps in our legal landscape barring low wage workers and workers facing sexual harassment across every industry and state in the country from holding their harassers accountable. It's mission is to break the cycle of silence and isolation around workplace sexual harassment and provide people, particularly low wage workers, with legal resources to achieve justice and create change. The Fund is housed and administered by the National Women's Law Center Fund, LLC.

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